Want to learn how to paint
beautiful watercolors?

Now you can learn exactly how in my how to paint a peony watercolor course...

How to Paint a Peony in Watercolor

Easy Beginner Watercolor - Learn step-by-step how to paint this beautiful peony in watercolor

Here's what you'll learn...

The supplies you need, an easy way to draw the peony, how to transfer your drawing to the paper (line drawing included just in case), and, of course, how to  paint the peony.  

This course focuses on one of the fundamental techniques you need for painting watercolor, the wet into wet method

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What you get with the peony watercolor course...

  • step-by-step videos - drawing the peony quick and painless.
  • printable line drawing just in case you want it .
  • step-by-step videos - painting the peony easy to follow along.
  • minimal supplies needed - 3 colors so you can learn to mix colors.

What students are saying...

"This watercolor course is done so well - for beginners, intermediate, or someone with experience who wants to learn more. I am in the intermediate phase and learned so much about color and addition techniques. Thank you for offering this class."

- Cherry Hall

"This was the best laid out program I have seen. Krista’s instruction was simple and to the point there was no fluff or useless chatter, making it easy to follow along while painting. The videos focused in on the painting. I could see everything she was doing. Krista was even available through email for help. I highly recommend it."

- Gayle Capson

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Painting a Peony with Watercolor

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Hey there, I'm Krista!

When I first bought my first set of watercolors, I had no idea what I was doing, how long it would take me to conquer my frustration at attempting to paint with watercolors, or what an impact learning how to watercolor would have on my life.

I researched and practiced anything I could find on painting with watercolors, but it was difficult. I finally sat down and figured out what worked (and what didn’t) in my paintings. Focusing and practicing these techniques is when everything changed for me.

This is when I went from struggle and frustration to feeling accomplished and full of a joy I didn’t know was possible.

Now, I am a professional artist that’s been featured in art magazines and commissioned by brands to feature my art!

I believe that art can truly change your life, it did mine. I am passionate about helping others find the same joy, peace, and happiness that mastering watercolors brought to me.