Watercolor Paint with Confidence!

With our easy-to-follow step-by-step video lessons, you can develop a solid foundation in watercolor painting without the guesswork, self-doubt, and overwhelm. Gain confidence and create beautiful watercolors you can be proud of with Master Watercolor Course!

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Have you always wanted to learn how to paint but don't know where to start? Or maybe you are just starting out and need some guidance?

No problem!

I have designed my course specifically for you. You will be walked through all the steps of how to create beautiful watercolor paintings, while also receiving tips and tricks on how you can take it one step at a time.

Here's the problem...

You have always wanted to paint with watercolor but it is intimidating.

You just don’t know where to start let alone what you need to get started.

You paint with watercolor but can’t seem to get the results you want.

You struggle with water to paint ratio or other essential techniques.


  • sitting down to paint with confidence and joy. 
  •  having  your watercolors turn out.
  •   Knowing exactly what technique to use for the effect you want.  
  • knowing what colors to use and how to mix them. 
  • How much water you need to get the results you want. 
  • knowing when to glaze versus when to use a wash versus when to charge color etc...  
  • being able to joyfully share your creativity.

Learning to paint with watercolor
Is'nt hard...

  • when you know exactly what supplies you need and how to use them.
  • when you know and learn the skills and techniques you need to be successful.
  • when you have step-by-step videos of it all with me instructing and holding your hand all the way.
  • when you have exercises to practice that are designed to reinforce the skills you just learned.
  • when you have 3 step-by-step painting projects. Giving you 3 paintings that you can show off and be proud of. 
  • when you are able to go back and review or refresh those skills and techniques when ever you want.

 "This watercolor course is done so well - for beginners, intermediate, or someone with experience who wants to learn more. I am in the intermediate phase and learned so much about color and addition techniques. Thank you for offering this class.

Cherry Hall

 "I have wanted to try watercolour but felt I wasn’t talented enough. This course was just what I needed. It went over everything step-by-step exactly what I needed (and didn’t need to start) and how to do it! Loved it and highly recommend it to everyone! Can’t wait to see what’s next! Thank you for starting me on a new creative journey!"

Michelle H.

If you want to learn how to paint with watercolor the easy way, then I have something for you...


The step-by-step course that makes learning to paint with watercolor easy

I don't need to hear anymore, I am ready to get painting, sign me up!

Here's what you get...

Phase 1 - Let's ditch that overwhelm...

Start Here - Welcome and Supplies
  • Welcome 
  • All about the supplies you will need 
  • The most important supply 
  • Downloadable supply list
Module 1 - Getting set up to paint
  • Setting up your palette
  • Getting your paper ready
  • Transferring your drawing or outline drawing
  • Applying masking fluid
Module 2 - Color makes the world go round
  • Color Theory
  • Characteristics of color
  • Properties of watercolor
  • Color Exercise - color wheel
  • Color exercise - color chart

Phase 2 - Let's learn those skills...

Module 3 - Applying Paint to Paper
  • Water to Paint Ratio
  • The 4 Ways to Apply Watercolor
  • It all comes out in the wash
Module 4 - Skills under your belt
  • Glazing, Charging, and Mixing Color
  • Blending
  • Lifting Paint
Module 5 - Skill Building Exercises
  • Blending Tree Exercise
  • Glazing Chart
  • Barn Glazing Exercise 
  • Cube Value Exercise

Phase 3 - Let's put it all together

Module 6 - Painting Autumn Trees
  • Outline Drawing
  • Video Part 1 - Painting a loose background
  • Video Part 2 - Painting the trees
  • Video Part 3 - Finishing touches and details
Module 7 - Painting a Sunflower
  • Outline Drawing
  • Video Part 1 - Painting the Stem and Center
  • Video Part 2 - Painting the Petals
  • Video Part 3 - Finishing touches and details
Module 8 - Painting a Pear
  • Outline Drawing 
  • Video Part 1 - Painting the background
  • Video Part 2 - Painting the pear
  • Video Part 3 - Finishing touches and details

When you enroll today you also get these bonuses...

Bonus 1

Live Q&A Online with Me

I will be hosting a special live Q&A Session online to help you with any questions you have. This video will be recorded so you can re watch it whenever you like.

Bonus 2

Ulitimate Watercolor Texture Guide

In this guide you will learn 25 ways to have fun and create some texture with your watercolors.

Bonus 3

My Country Barn Watercolor Class

You will also get access to my Painting a Country Barn in Watercolor so you have another painting to hone your skills with.

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Hey there, I'm Krista!

When I first bought my first set of watercolors, I had no idea what I was doing, how long it would take me to conquer my frustration at attempting to paint with watercolors, or what an impact learning how to watercolor would have on my life.

I researched and practiced anything I could find on painting with watercolors, but it was difficult. I finally sat down and figured out what worked (and what didn’t) in my paintings. Focusing and practicing these techniques is when everything changed for me.

This is when I went from struggle and frustration to feeling accomplished and full of a joy I didn’t know was possible.

Now, I am a professional artist that’s been featured in art magazines and commissioned by brands to feature my art!

I believe that art can truly change your life, it did mine. I am passionate about helping others find the same joy, peace, and happiness that mastering watercolors brought to me. 

Featured in...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Lifetime access! So you can go at your own pace. 

No experience needed! If you have a desire to learn to paint with watercolor, this is definitely for you. This course is for the complete newbie or someone who is painting; but hasn’t mastered the essential techniques. What are you waiting for, let’s get painting!

No worries, there are printable outline drawings for all the paintings and exercises. You even learn how to transfer them to your paper with no special materials. Easy Peasy!

We have you covered! You will get exclusive access to the brand new Master Watercolor Essentials student online community. You can also shoot an email to support any time. No question gets left behind.

This is an online course only. You will receive nothing in the mail

Yes, you will need high speed internet. If you can watch videos on YouTube, you can watch the course.

If you're not satisfied, I'm not happy!
Try it for the first 14 days. If you are not happy for any reason, I will refund 100% of your money.

Course Curriculum

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Pay in full

$297 USD
  • pay in full and save

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If you're not satisfied, I'm not happy!

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